ServerPoint, a web hosting company Adds Gigabit connection from XO Communications

The new connection, the company hopes to increase its network capacity between 8-10 giga-bits within a year.

ServerPoint web hosting provider, a shared, reseller, co-located, VPS and dedicated hosting solutions provider, announced that it has added the new giga-bit up-link from XO communications to providing additional network redundancy and capacity for Las Vegas, Nev. data-center.

The company states, it’s optimistic that the addition of this new connection will provide a new routes for data entering and leaving its network, allowing many visitors to connect to hosted sites at much lower latency. With the added redundancy company also expects to minimize the chance of any possible network downtime.

“XO has a very large network that peers with every other major provider, in addition to having the largest IP capacity in Las Vegas,” said ServerPoint CTO Erik Johnson. “Having worked with XO communications previously, we are confident our customers will benefit from the high quality network access they provide.”

“ServerPoint is housed in a neutral-carrier facility, fully redundant in everything,” said Johnson. We provide our customers with our own network, including two new routers, in which we recently invested more than $100,000. We focus on providing a reliable, very fast, high-quality network, so that our customers can focus on their businesses.”

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