Easy CGI web hosting added Plesk 8.2 to its VPS plans

Easy CGI web hosting has added Plesk 8.2 Web Hosting Control Panel to its VPS web hosting plans. The Plesk 8.2 upgrade adds to Easy CGI web hosting clients more comprehensive and better security server management for their web hosted websites and web applications. Now users that have a very little or even no technical knowledge can use domains and create emails.

Dan Richfield, President at Easy CGI web hosting said. “Easy CGI’s virtual dedicated servers provide a logical upgrade path for customers wanting advanced hosting solutions on a dedicated system,” and he added “With Plesk 8.2’s improved stability and fully automated features, we can offer affordable, advanced hosting to our customers. We are thrilled to have this latest version of Plesk.”

With Plesk 8.2 control panel service providers can share server resources which reduce their operating cost. Plesk 8.2 Hosting Control Panel make clients access a too many management tools and web applications to manage many virtual private servers on a single physical server – with Virtuozzo. The virtual servers look like they were a stand-alone servers but they can share the hardware, the systems, and applications through the host server.

Easy CGI web hosting is a leading Windows Web hosting provider for more than 6 years, they provide quality web hosting with good customer service. Since 1998, Easy CGI web hosting has become of the well known Web Hosting Provider, by hosting over 20,000 Web sites.