ICDSOFT web hosting provider extended warranty to 60 days.

ICDSOFT web hosting provider, based is Boston, USA announced the increase of their shared web hosting plans to 60 days. This is a way to assure clients of the quality of the services, so customers now have 60 days during which they can test the web hosting service.

ICDSOFT web hosting provider also announced their active hosting accounts on servers have reached 80,000. And as a steady increase of their customers, they accompanied that by a gradual increase of the resources they offer with their plans, also new features being developed, as they have recently incorporated PHP 5 and MySQL 5 into the services, as well as developed a DNS Manager that make management so easy for custom DNS records.

ICDSOFT web hosting has been in the software development business since 1993. In 1999 they expanded their business to include shared web hosting. They become one of the fastest growing and profitable hosting providers.