DOT5 web hosting provider updates its one plan.

As a way to improve its services to all custmers DOT5 web hosting provider increases the bandwidth of their plan to 3000 GB and disk space to 300 GB, they also increase POP3 emails to 3000 email. This upgrade comes with the same law price that DOT5 offer to clients which go to $4.95 per month.

DOT5 web hosting plan comes with full features like unlimited sub-domains and MYSQL, six add-on domains, full set of e-commerce features and multimedia features.

They also promise a 90 days money back warranty with 30 min email response time, quality hardware and marketing center.

They also added “At Dot5Hosting we provide our customers quality web hosting at an affordable price with a friendly and high quality level of technical support. We operate on the theory that, if we don’t look after our customers, someone else will. We have carefully put together a hosting package that meets the needs of all potential users, ranging from the home user through to the commerce business user.