Web hosting and domain provider Go Daddy Auctions Domains using Mobile

With the close connection between domain names, mobile technology and Web hosting, also with the rise in recognition of .mobi domains, online businesses are promptly updating Web sites so that clients can easily access them by their mobiles.

Domain registrar and Web hosting provider Go Daddy is now trying to provide this kind of trend by introducing mobile device-enabled involvement in its domain name aftermarket service, The Domain Name Aftermarket, so that users can bid on and buy on domain names through mobile phones.

Now all TDNAM members can go to TDNAM.mobi by their mobile phones or other mobile devices to check and complete the auctions they have started and also manage the domain names they intend to sell at TDNAM.com.

“We recognized that mobile computing is growing with special capabilities of smart and cell phones accessing the Internet,” says Tim Ruiz, VP of corporate development and policy at Go Daddy, “especially in regards to TDNAM, where domain sellers and buyers who are on the move want to keep track of the names they’re selling at any time and at any place. We just thought the natural step was to make it available to them over their mobile device so they wouldn’t have to be sitting at home on their computers.”

TDNAM’s more than 1.5 million domain names can be browsed by members to check prices on domains just offered for resale, or others that were earlier unavailable. Some of the domain names offer appraisals and their expected value.

Many of .mobi domains now being registered every day at Go Daddy, that’s made more than 500,000 .mobi domain namess have been registered in 104 countries since its first launch in September, says the .mobi registry.

“The majority of our customers are domainers who trade domain names,” says Ruiz. “However, we’ve tried to position TDNAM as an aftermarket site for just anyone interested in a domain name. It’s becoming tougher as time goes by to find a good valuable domain name for business venture you might be interested in or a personal one for your own Web site.”

TDNAM.mobi now offers three primary things for their users, letting them to watch, bid on and also sell domains. TDNAM.mobi plans are also to add some functionality later this year, as Ruiz says

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