Web Hosting Provider 1&1 Started To Offer Open Source Applications

A way to improve the his web hosting services, Web hosting provider 1&1 has started a new service by offering the best in open source web building applications, this was announced lately. 1&1 web hosting, which bills itself as one of the world’s largest web hosting companies by known servers, is now offering a powerful open source web building tools which are fully developed, installed and almost ready to apply within a few steps.

1&1 web hosting provides a big range of applications including Joomla!, phpBB, TikiWiki, Moodle, Noah’s Classifieds, phpAdsNew and Mantis.

As the company announced, this platform considered as the first solution for installing these powerful open source tools within really a few steps, and also with automatic version updates, no intrusion from ads and with security patches.

“With Click-n- Build, we are proud to offer a significant advancement to web hosting. Open source software has always promised great results but has until now eluded a great number of non-technical users, explained Chairman of the 1&1 Internet Board, Andreas Gauger. Our new platform delivers great software within a few clicks, and allows every type of user the full benefit whilst 1&1 handles all of the technicalities. As the web becomes ever more competitive, these applications will enable 1&1 customer websites to remain dynamic and competitive.”

The 1&1 service is a “Click-n-Build”and is based upon the Application Packaging Standard (APS) which is developed by SWSoft, this standard is the first definitive standard for the purpose of integration of open source applications within a web hosting environment. This solution provides 1&1 web hosting users with a helpful, easy-to-use interface for adding source applications, removing and configuring web applications. “Click-n-Build” manages each installation, installs automatic security patches and provides latest version updates. In addition, it also removes the requirement for downloads, registrations and passwords.

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