Microsoft Releases New Microsoft Dynamics AX – A Next Generation Cloud Computing Solution

Microsoft Dynamics AX will bring the intelligence and the power of next generation cloud computing solutions to the large enterprises with its unique architecture for cloud computing programs.

Dynamics  Microsoft Corp announced the release of its next generation ERP solution “Microsoft Dynamics AX” which will be available to its customers in the first quarter of 2016. The Microsoft Dynamics AX is specially architected for the cloud computing solutions for the organizations worldwide.

Microsoft Dynamics AX is a cloud based service and the product will be updated regularly in years or version basis. Pricing and subscription model of the product is also very easy so that organizations can easily purchase and grow with the cloud computing solution as per their convenience.

“Our ambition to build the intelligent cloud comes to life with apps optimized for modern business, like Dynamics AX,” said Scott Guthrie, executive vice president, Microsoft Cloud and Enterprise. “When you combine the hyperscale, enterprise-grade and hybrid-cloud capabilities of Microsoft Azure with the real-time insights and intuitive user experience of Dynamics AX, organizations and individuals are empowered to transform their business operations.”

Microsoft dynamics AX fully integrates with the Dynamic CRM and Office 365 which will enable the organizations and their people to make smart decisions more rapidly and flawlessly shares information between these applications. Power BI will be embedded within the application which will help in visualizing the data and it will provide real time analytics through Azure machine Learning.

Another great feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX is that it is a fully browser based, HTML5 client which will enable the people to access the Dynamics AX across different platform and devices. This feature will help organizations build business specific mobile applications. With its easy to use touch based modern user interface highly visual applications can be built for enterprises.

“The beauty of Dynamics AX is that it will help you make better informed decisions faster, and ultimately increase your business potential to take business operations to the next level,” said Thomas Mayer, chief operating officer, Lotus F1 Team.

The lotus F1 racing team knows the actual benefits of the Microsoft Dynamics AX. The new Dynamics AX comes with a more flexible architecture for easy implementation and easy management of the applications. Microsoft Dynamics AX has brought the benefits of the cloud computing, which means that you have to pay for the resources when they are being used only.

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Super 7 Cloud Computing Clients Set Influential Trends on Other Enterprises

There are seven computing giants – Intel terms them Super-7 – whose decisions about the chips and servers influences the other corporate cloud computing enterprise decisions.

Super 7 With highest computing, buying power these seven companies get the very early access to the latest technology and chips of Intel that are not available to any other customer of Intel. These companies also influence the decisions of other large corporate companies about buying the chips and the server.

“An entire new class of companies is coming up behind the Super 7 that are modeling their server and semiconductor purchasing habits of the big guys” Diane Bryant, the head of Intel’s data center business. These companies are the part of Intels’s early shift program and Intel make the latest chips available to them, six months before the release to other customers.

These Super 7 companies are Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent. These are the companies, which are in the first row of using cloud computing technologies for their business operations. Many of them are building their own equipment to save as much cost as possible.

“When they start buying over 10,000 servers a year, they start optimizing their hardware and they no longer think about buying general purpose servers,” says Bryant. “They start thinking about running their own data centers and buying specialized hardware to fit their unique workloads.”

These larger organizations are taking the advantage of the latest technologies and fast cloud computing speeds to save the cost, so that the best possible speed should be available for web searches, page loads and transactions. As compared to the other large scale companies which replaces their servers after four to five years, these companies replace their servers every three years.

“The trend is that enterprises recognize new revenue streams from cloud computing. But when these new businesses become successful, they want them to run on premise,” she says.

She further says that a huge line of new companies is coming up behind these Super 7 companies which are also modeling their business operations like these seven giants. She said many companies, for their new lines of business, building their own cloud platform. Especially for those services which are linked to the connected devices.

In future, instead of traditional Amazon style infrastructure, customers will prefer the companies with software of services provided in their own cloud.

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IBM Announces a Series of Innovations to IBM Spectrum Storage

IBM Spectrum Storage is cloud storage solutions software of IBM, these innovations will help the largest enterprises with storage management, data security and reduced data cost.

IBM Spectrum cloud  IBM recently announced a series of innovations to its software defined cloud storage family IBM Spectrum storage. IBM said that the new features of the IBM spectrum storage include IBM Spectrum Virtualized storage virtualization for improved security and management of large amounts of data and storage. It will help the customers of IBM Spectrum Storage in the security of their data and the cost of handling the big data will also reduce.

“As organizations transform into digital business, they increasingly require a solution to store data safely and cost effectively,” said Jamie Thomas, GM IBM Storage. “The advancements in Spectrum Storage will help clients by increasing data security and improving data storage management.”

A survey of organizations of all sizes shows that the data security is the priority of all organizations and a research reveals that the data encryption feature is the most considerable point of IT managers this year. IBM is offering a new software feature which will remove the need of purchasing of new infrastructure for data encryption; it will provide the data encryption on the existing heterogeneous storage system.

“Data encryption has become one of the top priorities for our clients as they face more stringent corporate security requirements around data storage,” said David Howard, of Key Information Systems. “Now, with IBM Spectrum Virtualize and its ability to encrypt external storage, customers have a single, standard storage encryption solution that protects their current storage investments eliminating the need for islands of encryption or the purchase of new storage systems.”

The new IBM Spectrum Scale software and the IBM Elastic Storage Server integrated system are able to help the clients in reducing the capital and operating cost of handling of large volume files used by cloud storage applications. Along with the above mentioned features IBM is also adding new cloud services with a fast speed to help the customers deploy apps in the cloud.

For a running business a short downtime can increase the number of dissatisfied customers. These new features of cloud storage along with apps will help in updating the software without any downtime. The new services help developers avoid disruption to app when deploying updates, eliminate complexity from manual processes, and integrate data from sources of real-time information.

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