OnLive Starts a New PaaS Cloud Computing Service to Boost Graphics Efficiency

This newly introduced PaaS cloud computing service (CloudLift) of OnLive Company will be highly secure, centralized resources, and simple in both implementing and using. – This was announced by the OnLive cloud computing based gaming service provider company on this weekend that, it is going to start a powerful graphics oriented platform as a service (PaaS) cloud computing service to enhance the gaming experience of the customers in the clouds. The company informed that the name of this futuristic cloud platform has given as “CloudLift”, which implies that the application is meant for lifting the cloud based experience of the customers in the domain of video gaming.

While speaking about the features and capabilities of the service, it was informed that the CloudLift platform will allow the companies to stream the graphic intensive applications (GIAs), which are the latency sensitive, and the compute sensitive, for example – 3D application programs, and interactive demos. This newly introduced cloud computing service would enable the customers to use such applications to any compatible devices supported by the service.

According to the official statement of the company, “Using CloudLift Enterprise, businesses can deploy the most complex, latency-sensitive, compute-intensive applications and GIAs to mobile or office-based workforces in just four weeks. This is achieved using OnLive’s class-leading streaming technology and cloud-based servers, so the user experiences a high definition ‘Feels Like Local’ level of interaction over open networks, regardless of the device or location”.

There are many features related to security of this cloud computing platform that makes it more reliable and consistent. The reasons behind this reliability is that fact that it leave no trace of any critical data on the supported devices and all resources are centralized in the most robust security mechanism.

Meanwhile, the statement further maintained that the CloudLift Enterprise Platform of cloud computing services fully secure from the software piracy. “This can be a fully managed and hosted solution on OnLive’s network of security-audited data centers, in a major public data center or cloud provider, or even on-premises,” says the official statement.

Elaborating the technical aspects, it was informed that the platform takes care of network status on regular basis to monitor network congestions, packet losses, and other factors impacting the smooth streaming of the high definition video graphics. This platform is capable to run high definition video streaming on a 2Mbps of network bandwidth.

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VMware Partners with China Telecom to Develop Large Scale Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

The overwhelmed share of private cloud in the Chinese cloud computing market, VMware is eying ambitiously on the hybrid cloud computing services to take the benefit of the most dynamic market of Asia.

vmwareGREATRESPONDER.COM - This was announced by the VMware today that, it is going to establish a partnership with China Telecom, the IT/ Telecom giant of the most dynamic economy of the world to expand its business footprints in the hybrid cloud computing service sector. It was further informed through an official statement of the company that a memorandum of understanding (MoU) has been signed between the two giant companies in the domain of cloud computing, and information technology.

The statement further maintained that the Chinese cloud market is expanding very rapidly, and the adaptability of the cloud computing and hosting services in the country is more than 70% with a regular growth of the same. Many experts believe that, with this partnership between two big giants the market share of the VMware Company in Chinese market will increase substantially.

The CEO of VMware, Mr. Pat Kissinger, in his statement said, “The overall business income of VMware increased about 20% in China in the last two years, but the increase is not easy. VMware has launched vCloud Hybrid Service (vCHS) previously and entered the private cloud services, hybrid cloud services market ambitiously. But vCHS didn’t work very well in domestic market.” On this occasion, the VMware president in China, Mr. Song Jiayu, in his statement said, “vCHS purely started from the technical perspective, but wasn’t adapted to China’s enterprise application environment in operation and security, and there are also risks in regulations. So, VMware hopes to get its techniques transported to China Telecom cloud computing company, which can avoid risks, and can also realize the value of its own. In order to achieve this purpose, VMware is willing to cooperate with China Telecom cloud computing company.”

Mr. Song Jiayu further said that, “Our competitors like Amazon, Microsoft and others are having tough time in china just because they don’t have strong partners in China, like we have China Telecom.”

Meanwhile, it was informed through the official statement that, both of the giant companies would engage in developing the “China Telecom Tiayni Hybrid Cloud Computing Services” for the market segments identified by China telecom such as, Education, Finance, Government, Campus and Medical sectors.

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Vexxhost Joins Hands with Baystream Corporation to Offer Document Management Solution to Enterprises

OpenStack based secure and robust cloud computing platform of Vexxhost would be used by Baystream Corporation for its M-Files document management solution for enterprises.

baystream-vexxhostThis was announced by the Vexxhost, the provider of cloud computing solutions to the Canadian enterprises that, it has partnered with the Baystream Corporation to integrate its document management solutions with the OpenStack based cloud computing platform of our company. The M-files document management solution offered by the Baystream Corporation is designed for the companies that are heavily regulated, and require strict compliance of security, integrity and privacy of the mission critical enterprise data.

It was further elaborated in the official statement of the company that this move of Vexxhost Company would create a great value for the enterprise customer who are looking for high level of data security, and integrity of their data storage. With this partnership, the heavily regulated enterprise customers in Canada would be able to get the most reliable document management service powered by the secure and reliable cloud computing platform of Vexxhost. The company will host the critical data and information on the Canadian data centers to keep them safe from any external threats.

Meanwhile, the M-Files service would become very flexible and scalable owing to the adoption of the most featured and reliable OpenStack based cloud computing platform of Vexxhost Company.

While talking about the partnership with the Baystream corporation, the CEO of Vexxhost Company said, “We’re extremely happy to have Baystream on-board as one of our partners; our cloud computing services are a perfect fit for their solutions and by working together, we can provide a complete document management solutions by using our secure, scalable and redundant infrastructure and with their feature-rich solutions.”

Meanwhile, the CEO of the Baystream Corporation, Mr. Edward Moore, in his official statement said, “We are very excited to be able to provide our systems on Vexxhost cloud infrastructure”; he maintained further that “The Vexxhost delivers a high quality and secure environment that enables us to deliver our cloud products to Canadian customers with 100% assurance that content never leaves the territory. This is a regulatory necessity in several high profile cases and is something that provides an additional comfort to Canadian companies in general.”

Many business analysts in the domain of cloud computing business believe that this partnership would be very useful for heavy regulated enterprises of Canada and other countries, especially in the aftermath of NSA snoopgate.

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