IBM Launches Watson Based Cloud Computing Platform for Researchers

The researchers in different domains such as, education, medical, financial, business and others would be able to analyze the big data with Watson Discovery Advisor cloud computing platform.

ibm cloud computingGREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by the IBM’s Watson business division –, which was established few months back – that it has launched a cloud computing based cognitive analysis platform to analyze and deduce the breakthroughs in the field of research and development. This announcement was made public on this weekend though an official statement of the company.

It was further informed in the announcement that, this new cloud computing based platform named as Watson Discovery Advisor is able to help the researcher from different fields who want to analyze the gigantic volumes of data to find out the result pattern for developing the research ideas. This platform is based on IBM Watson, the cognitive application system available through cloud computing platform of the company. This is important to note that IBM started a new business unit for launching Watson based cloud computing service.

While talking about the efficiency and improvements in the capabilities and capacities of the Watson platform, it was told that newly developed cloud computing based service is about 24 times faster, and more than 90% smaller in terms of its size; the overall percentile improvement of the platform stands as much as 2400% higher than its original capabilities.

The senior vice president of the IBM’s Watson Group Division, Mr. Mike Rohdin, in his statement said, “We’re entering an extraordinary age of data-driven discovery. Today’s announcement is a natural extension of Watson’s cognitive computing capability. We’re empowering researchers with a powerful tool which will help increase the impact of investments organizations make in R&D, leading to significant breakthroughs.”

It was further elaborated that Watson Discovery Advisor is very useful for industrial and scientific research to analyze large amounts of previously explored data and create new idea for the research at very fast pace. Many academicians and medical researchers have started deploying this highly features and next generation cognitive cloud computing platform in their respective researches.

In his statement, the principal investigator and professor of molecular and human genetics, biochemistry and molecular biology at Baylor College of Medicine, Mr. Olivier Lichtarge, said, “On average, a scientist might read between one and five research papers on a good day. To put this in perspective with p53, there are over 70,000 papers published on this protein. Even if I’m reading five papers a day, it could take me nearly 38 years to completely understand all of the research already available today on this protein. Watson has demonstrated the potential to accelerate the rate and the quality of breakthrough discoveries.”

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Alibaba Establishes 5th Datacenter to Strengthen Public Cloud Computing Portfolio

With the establishment of 5th state of the art data center, Alibaba weigh wings to take on AWS, Google and Microsoft on public cloud computing fronts.

GREATRESPONDER.COM – This was announced by Alibaba, the big provider of managed services and cloud computing services, on Thursday, August 28, 2014 that, it has started its fifth state of the art data center to expand its cloud computing offering in the domain of public cloud. The data center will focus on the public cloud computing services for small and medium enterprise. The data center is located in the Shenzhen city. This important to note that 4th data center was established in Hong Kong few months back.

It was further informed in the official statement that the company is aggressively focusing on the lucrative – though fiercely competitive – business based on public cloud computing offerings. The company has already recorded a substantial growth in the cloud computing business in past quarter ending June 2014. According to the financial results of the company, as much as $38 million revenue was posted by the cloud computing services division of the company called as AliCloud; although, the share of revenue in the entire earning of the company is comparatively low, but it is expanding at very fast pace.

“The company is very excited about the sustainable growth of business in the domain of cloud computing. Meanwhile, the company is planning offer more robust and highly featured public cloud computing based services to small and medium sized business” as mentioned in the official statement of the company.

It was further maintained in the company statement that, “ The main focus of the company would remain on providing storage spaces and processing capacity to the graphic intensive applications such as, gaming, video and other entertainment firms.” It is very important to note that the idea of the cloud business of AliCloud resembles to those of Amazon (AWS), Google and other giant players of the international market.

The representative of AliCloud Division, in his official statement said, “AliCloud’s new data center will serve large and small companies, financial institutions and other third parties in southern China. And, we have recently opened its fourth data center in Hong Kong and maintain three other facilities in mainland China.”

Many analysts believe that many large companies in the fields of internet, managed services and telecom would turn to cloud computing industry, which is about to cross the $100 billion mark in a couple of years.

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VMware Partners with Google, Nvidia to Expand DaaS Cloud Computing Offerings

VMware focuses on the integration of DaaS cloud computing services and graphically intensive applications in Google’s Chromebooks.

vmwareGREATRESPONDER.COM - This was announced by the Virtualization giant VMware yesterday on Wednesday, August 27, 2014 that, it is focusing on the virtual desk top and graphically intensive applications based on the cloud computing platform for the chromebooks. To substantiate this cloud computing based futuristic plan, it has established the partnership with the Google Corporation and Nvidia. The main focus of this partnership would be to work for implementation of the DaaS and graphically intensive applications to the Chromebooks by merging complementary technologies developed by these companies.

While talking about the vision of this partnership, it was elaborated that VMware’s device-aware adoptive technologies named as “Blast Performance” portfolio would be implemented with the GPU virtualization technology of Nvidia on the Google’s Chromebook to offer DaaS and graphic intensive applications based on the cloud computing technology. Nvidia is the sole owner of the GPU virtualization at the moment in the global marketplace, would be used to enhance the CPU utilization, high computation, and intensive graphic processing on the chromebooks.

In his official statement, the general manager and executive vice president of end user computing at VMware, Mr. Sanjay Poonen said, “We are breaking down traditional barriers to adopting virtual desktops and offering new economics for the delivery of graphics-intensive applications through the power of the cloud. Organizations of all industries and requirements will soon be able to embrace the mobile-cloud using a solution that offers a new way to work from three proven industry leaders.”

According to the statement of Nvidia, “The collaboration will help the participating firms optimize the performance of visual graphic applications deployed at scale, as well as optimize CPU utilization in order to allow more desktops to be squeezed onto a single server and extend the battery life of the clients.” “The companies have previously worked together to optimize the streaming of legacy Windows applications to Chromebooks via the cloud” the Nvidia statement added further.

This is very important to note that an aggressive growth for virtual desktop service through cloud computing platforms is being noticed in the marketplace – which is forcing different companies to capture the business through partnerships in this domain of cloud computing business.

Many researchers have projected the growth of DaaS services doubling the next one year time.

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